"Legal Practitioner" means an advocate, or an attorney of any High Court, and includes a pleader in practice.

The enactment of RERA has brought about a learning phase in the business life of developers as well as their legal advisors. The biggest challenge is to interpret the Act and the most transparent and effective modality of implementing the same within the timelines laid down by the authorities.

A lawyer is a representative of clients or a neutral third party, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice, this in RERA allows him to be representative of applicant or appellant before the Appellate Tribunal or the Regulatory Authority or the Adjudicating Officer.

The problems faced related to possession delay, non-refund for abrupt project suspension, or if the builder started demanding more money than what was agreed to, then, Legal Practitioner are ultimate guide for you. As RERA covers all property-related problems, from what to do if the plan of your house doesn’t match to what you were promised, to what actions you can take when a builder doesn’t give possession on time.