"Architect" means a person registered as an architect under the provisions of the Architects Act, 1972.

An architect is a person engaged to provide numerous services such as preparation of drawings, plans, and design buildings to facilitate approval from the authorities for construction. The Architects Act, 1972, aims to facilitate the registration of these professionals and other issues in relation to their professional conduct. The Architects Act can be assumed as a beneficial legislation to espouse the dignity and value of the profession of architecture. According to the Architects Act, an individual whose name appears in the register is deemed to be an architect. The Act penalizes a person whose name not actually included in the register, acts as an architect as if the name is entered. Where an architect is found responsible of professional transgression, such a person shall be reprimanded, or his practice can be suspended, or his name shall be detached from the register.

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 envisages vital role of the architect (registered under the provisions of the Architects Act , 1972) not only with respect to conceive, plan and design the building , etc., but also certifies that the amounts withdrawn by the Promoter are in proportion to the completion of the project. Additionally, the architect has to recommend and verify minor additions and alteration under the provision to section 14(2) of the Act. The promoter must declare the name and address of architect at the time of registration under the Act.